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Filling Stuffer Machine

Filling stuffer machine is a food processing machine that serves the purpose of filling stuffing. Granular to semi solid products can be stiffed using this type of machine.

Fish Washing Machine

Fish washing machine can automatically complete the process of cleaning fish by removing fish guts and cleaning membrane. All kinds of fish can be cleaned by this machine, including shrimps. This cleaning machine reduces cleaning time by automating the cleaning process.

Hi Kneader Machine

Hi Kneader Machine is a blending, kneading machine required in several industries. Depending on rotation, kneading blades move the mix alternately from the side walls to the middle of the kneading bowl. Different rotation speeds of kneading blades produce accurate mixture due to high pressure forces.

Surimi Refiner Machine
After washing and dewatering the mince, it is usually refined by passing it through a refiner. By passing it through the refiner, any remaining bones are further removed. After passing it through the refiner, any remaining remains are further processed.
Rotary Screen

Industrial rotary screen finds use in many industries, especially food processing industry. This drum sieve is filled with the material, including liquid, process water and waste water in order to separate suspended solids, solid particles, and fibres from them.

SS Modular Conveyor

SS modular belt conveyor is constructed from stainless steel. This conveyor can be found in chemical, fertilizer, food processing plants, among many others as it delivers optimal performance and flawless service.

SS Screw Conveyor

SS screw conveyor is material handling equipment that moves products in the form of granular solid, semisolid, liquid as well as non-flowing from one place to another. The workers do not have to manually move loads around. The travel paths can be designed horizontally, vertically, and inclined.